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Mothers Club - An asset to our Organization!

6 Jul

A group of dedicated mothers have formed a ‘Mothers Club’ at the Hilton Early Intervention Centre of the Frank Hilton Organisation. The club consists of mothers of children who attend the daily programmes at the Centre. 
In recognition of the support provided to the Centre, the Board of the Frank Hilton Organization during its Annual General Meeting 2017 formalized the group as a community partner thus making it possible for the group to carry on their work under the banner of the organization. 
From the formation of the group in 2015 till date the club has done a lot for the school from getting Sponsorship for Sports Uniforms for kids and teachers at EIC, securing transport and accommodation for the National Games in Lautoka scheduled for October etc. The club has sewn and screen printed curtains for the school and hostel, beautified the school compound, and have been hands on with all preparations for all celebrations and activities organised at the school. 
Parents support is essential so that the child derives the maximum benefits from the programmes offered at the Centre. It also supports the growth and development of the Centre. The mothers Club at the Early Intervention Centre is a great example as to how educators and parents work together with the common goal of making a positive difference in the lives of children.