Positive Behaviour Support is a researched and evidence-based process used to provide individualized intervention to children with behaviors of concern. It focusses on increasing the childs independence and quality of life while deescalating the inappropriate behavior. The process offers parents and teachers understanding of why the behavior occurs and strategies to prevent the behavior from recurring. It’s a holistic approach that considers all factors that may have an impact on the childs behavior. PBS addresses behaviors of concern ranging from self - harming, aggression, tantrums,  self-stimulatory and sensory behaviors, and emotional-social withdrawal.
PBS assesses children between 3 to 18yo who are referred from hospitals, schools and families who believe the child has behavioral issues. After assessment, if they meet the criteria then they are enrolled into one of the following programs; Individual, Group, Joint, Parent and Teacher training.
The programs are held either in the center or in the community, either face to face or Telehealth. The programs are held once a week for a  duration of 5 weeks whereby after completion the child/family are transitioned to the next program.
PBS strategies like the behavior ABC chart, the FIRST THEN board, TOKEN ECONOMY, DAILY SCHEDULE AND REWARD system are implemented and evaluation of the program is done at the end of the program. PBS also provides TOILETTING strategies for children needing to be toilet trained .PBS also trains teachers and parents with its strategies to assist them at school and home.

PBS Office: Merina George