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30th December, 2022                Don’t lose hope but face the challenges in Life - Ratu Wiliame
2nd December, 2022                 Wheelchairs for children living with disabilities
20th November, 2022               Wheelbarrow race collects $84,000

19th November, 2022               Basic Industries Company wins the Frank Hilton Organisation Bara Battle
14th October, 2022                   The Great Bara Battle launched to raise money for more than 600 children with disabilities
21st September, 2022               Back in history: Artificial limbs for normal life
24th March, 2022                      650 new mothers receive maternal and infant kits from Frank Hilton Organisation
5th March, 2022                        Hearing loss: 80,000 affected at some point in their lives
21st June, 2023                         Funding is needed to continue providing services - Frank Hilton Organization CEO

23rd June, 2023                        BlueScope Fiji Confirms place in Bara Battle
24th June, 2023                        Defending Champions Basic Industries joins the Frank Hilton Organization Bara Battle for second consecutive year
10th July, 2023                         Countdown to Amazing Wheelbarrow - Bara Battle begins
14th July, 2023                         Star Printery joins the Bara Competition
18th July, 2023                         Frank Hilton Organization thrilled as Vodafone Fiji will participate in Bara Battle Fundraiser
19th July, 2023                         HotBread Kitchen Happy to participate in the Bara Battle Fundraiser
20th July, 2023                         BSP joins Frank Hilton Organizations Bara Battle
22nd July, 2023                        The Children are very Important to Us  
26th July, 2023                         Virtual Bara race rakes in $89,000
27th July, 2023                         Leadership Fiji Alumni Team wins Bara Battle Virtual Race
29th July, 2023                         Over $250,000 Raised in Bara Battle
29th July, 2023                         We came second last time so the team was determined to take the Bara Battle this year – Vodafone CEO

21st June, 2023                        Funding is needed to continue providing services - Frank Hilton Organization CEO
4th August,2023                      Frank Hilton Organization Acknowledges Telecom Fiji for their support towards Bara Battle
18th August, 2023                   Bara Battle collects $260k
5th October, 2023                   Frank Hilton Organization receives $17,000 from the Shivas Regal Project 
5th October, 2023                   Beacon of Hope for Frank Hilton Organization
9th October, 2023                   Lack of Services | No appropriate tools for early identification of disabilities 
9th October, 2023                   Report Identifies Systemic Issues 
16th October, 2023                 Frank Hilton Organization raises $17,000 with Shivas Regal Project 

how can i help?


Your gift will help provide resources such as crutches, prosthetic limbs, and wheelchairs to meet critical needs of children with disabilities. With your help, we can ensure that children with disability have the same rights and opportunities as other children.