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The Frank Hilton Home takes care of 12 individuals from age 2 years and above, who have severe disabilities and require assistants with all their activities of daily living and 24hr care. The Hostel also provides additional support for the children such as speech therapy, physiotherapy as well as providing assistive devices where necessary by way of the Hilton Organisation ancillary services. These residents have no family to take care of them and in rare instances their disabilities are so severe that families simply cannot cope which sometimes leave the child at risk of neglect and sometimes abuse. There are 9 caregivers who work around the clock to make sure these residents are provided with the best care possible. The pandemic and decline in economic activity in the country has seen a drastic reduction in our donor funding and this has left us in a very precarious situation.The Frank Hilton Hostel is in urgent need of food items and cash to pay our caregivers. 

Donate items at: Hilton Home, Lot 139 Brown Street Suva. Donate funds towards purchase of items and make salary payments for caregivers. 

Website Donation Portal:
Phone: 2937513/ 3313909


Cheques can be made out to: “Fiji Crippled Children’s Society Suva Branch” Or directly deposited into Bank Account: (HFC Bank) 13444S10