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The Community and Child Support Department is set up to mitigate socioeconomic hardships that restricts access to Health and Education services offered at FHO. These are both physical, social and economic barriers that impede successful program outcomes for a child and their families. The Community Support Division works to ensure access and consistent attendance to FHO services for children with disabilities and their families.
The team comprises of two Community Support Officers (Health and Education) and a Community Support Assistant.

Aims and Objectives
  • Child protection and Child Rights- Ensure surveillance, awareness and reporting on child protection matters in particular abuse and neglect. Attendance to programmes tracked to ensure regular services.
  • Provide family support - Parent education and awareness
  • Provide family support (Socioeconomic) – Nutrition, health and hygiene/ WASH, education support, access to services/ reimbursements
274954120_3187453768200720_6929710996524157006_n.jpgKey Functions
  • Family financial status screening
  • Child protection tracking
  • Home visitations
  • Community Awareness
  • Nutrition, WASH and education resources provision
  • Maternal/ Infant support


Criteria for qualification for the services provided

In order that a child may qualify for support, the following areas are considered.
All children under the CS support are children with a disability stated on the medical report.
  • Low-income group- combined Family income to be less than $300 a week
  • High number of family dependents and persons with disabilities in the household
  • Single parent families or child looked after by caregivers/guardians with no immediate family support
  • Accessibility – Children from areas that do not have services OR where environment is not conducive
  • Unsafe home environment – Where child is at risk or vulnerable to abuse or neglect

how can i help?


Your gift will help provide resources such as crutches, prosthetic limbs, and wheelchairs to meet critical needs of children with disabilities. With your help, we can ensure that children with disability have the same rights and opportunities as other children.