Early Intervention Centre

The Hilton Early Intervention Centre was set up in 1985 to provide services to children born with a disability or who had been identified to possess some developmental delays.

The school currently caters to over 40 boys and girls from infancy to 8 years old, with disabilities ranging from physical and sensory impairments, developmental delays and/or learning disabilities. Most students attend a daily programme whilst some attend the school 2-3 days a week. Parents and/or caregivers accompany the younger students and students with mobility difficulties to the programme and also assist in classroom activities.

The Centre has a multicultural and multi religious student body most of whom come from low income socioeconomic group.

The Centre offers specialized services through a programme for infants and students with profound multiple disabilities as well as a preschool and kindergarten programme.

Each programme aims to develop the child’s inherent skills and abilities, promote independence, improve physical and mental development, and develop communication and the ability to express oneself, social integration and general life skills development.

The Centre also offers opportunities for parents to engage in support groups as well as for them to develop skills and knowledge in order to help their child.

The Head Teacher and a staff of four dedicated teachers as well as one teacher’s aide, provide these services to the children.

The Early Intervention Centre operates five days a week from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM.