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The Hostel offers accommodation to children with disabilities from the Western and Northern regions as well as the outer lying islands, in order to access educational services not available in their region. The Hostel was first set up in 1969 on a temporary basis, with the foundation stone for the current building being laid in 1972 which can cater for up to 20 children.

The Hostel currently provides accommodation to 6 students of the Hilton School, 3 students of the Vocational Training Centre at the neighbouring FNCDP complex and 3 others who have severe to profound disabilities and have been abandoned by their families.

The Hostel provides the children with a nutritious diet, health and hygiene essentials, medication, nutritional supplements, but most of all, it provides them with a loving and safe environment that helps them to thrive and grow as independent, responsible individuals.

Although there is a stipulated fee for hostel care, none of the students and/or their families at the hostel are currently able to meet this cost.

The Hostel is run by the Hostel Matron and Assistant Matron as well as 2 helpers who assist in the day-to-day routine.

The children at the Hostel participate in sensory based activities, educational programmes, physiotherapy, home gardening and spiritual programmes.