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1 Jul

The Frank Hilton Organization’s Audiology Unit will soon provide an extended service. Over the course of last week, Doctor David Pither, the President and Ear Mould specialist of Ears Inc. Australia, conducted workshops training the Hilton Staff and also assisted in the setup of the ear mould lab. The Frank Hilton Organization will now be able to offer locally manufactured ear moulds.

Every child or patient that visits the Hilton Audiology Unit will be screen tested, diagnose...d and a suitable device identified. Once this process is completed, the child’s ear impression will be taken and an ear mould will be custom made at the lab. A ear mould is essential for appropriate fitting of a hearing aid.

A video conferencing system was also set up in the sound proof hearing booth at the Frank Hilton Audiology Unit. This will mean tests can be conducted remotely from Australia when needed and the Frank Hilton Organisation Audiology Unit will be able to leverage on the technical and specialized skills of professionals in the field of Audiology. This will provide continuous training and support to our staff on the ground which will in turn provide sustainability.