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12 Aug

Hilton has always believed in a holistic approach to child development, whether it is in the growth of the organisation or in assisting a child to reach their potential. Whilst teachers and professionals within the Organization aim to meet the child's developmental and academic needs, it is also important to understand the socioeconomic barriers that impede the development of the child within the home environment. The Hilton Community Support Programme, which is a pilot project just launched, aims to better understand and support the needs of the families, with the main objective of generating better family support towards their child's education programme.

Julie Harmes, a volunteer, who was here with us for the past 3 months to assist with the programme, returns to Australia today after having completed over 35 home/community visits to identified families. Julie works for the Australian State Government as a Case Manager/ Coordinator and has a degree in social work, a diploma in theology and a certificate in disability and community development. Julie has kindly assisted the organization purely on a voluntary basis since 2014.

Our sincere thanks and appreciation to Julie for her dedication and support towards the Frank Hilton Organization.