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Pravneil has a background in Psychology & Law. He has over 9 years of experience in the Community Development sector. Pravneil plays a crucial role within the organization and is responsible for several key functions. Firstly, he oversees the coordination of all in-house therapy programs, ensuring they operate cohesively and seamlessly both internally and externally. This includes maintaining a high level of coordination among different therapy initiatives to provide the best possible support to the organization's beneficiaries. In addition, Pravneil collaborates with team members to draft, implement, and review the strategic plan, operational plan, and work plan of the department. These plans are meticulously aligned with the overarching goals and direction of the organization. He also works closely with the team to monitor and evaluate these plans, providing timely reporting to track progress and make necessary adjustments. Pravneil’ s role extends to ensuring robust and secure data collection and management within the organization, safeguarding sensitive information. He actively participates in the development and monitoring of quarterly, weekly, and daily activity plans to ensure efficient workflow and resource allocation. Overall, Pravneil’ s dedication to strategic planning, effective resource management, and data security contributes significantly to the organization's mission and success.