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CP Alliance training

6 Nov

From the 5th - 8th of August our partners, Cerebral Palsy Alliance (Australia), supported our request to conduct training on "meal time management for children identified with feeding and swallowing difficulties". Johanna Korkalainen a Speech Pathologist provided professional development and mentoring to FHO staff on feeding and nutrition for children with disabilities. As developing partnerships and working in networks to support sector development is one of our pillars within our strategic plan, the training was also opened to staff from CWM Medical, Nursing and Dietician teams who joined us for the 2 day professional development sessions. A total of 39 staff attended the training.

The training focused on strategies to provide safe nutritious and fun mealtimes for families and the residents we support. The programme also created an opportunity for 9 of our families from all over Fiji together with members of our FHO play group to have an assessment of their child’s mealtime difficulties. This involved completing an assessment of the child and providing recommendations for those families to better support their child’s mealtime needs. During the final day, we focused on the care givers and residents of the Hilton Hostel, putting into practice what we had learnt and completed assessments and recommendations for each of our 7 residents.
Cerebral Palsy Alliance and FHO plan to develop ongoing professional development opportunities and mentoring for staff to further support the mealtime needs of children and we look forward to a very fruitful partnership.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance was supported by the Australian Government in providing the training on Mealtime Management professional development.