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FHO Makes Ear Moulds For Studnets

28 Sep

An earmould is an essential part of the hearing aid fitting process. It is as unique to each individual as a finger print. It improves sound conduction to eardrums and is essential for users of hearing aids. It assists to diminish feedback paths in hearing aids and assure better intelligibility when communicating in noisy environments. The main goal in wearing earmolds is to attain better user comfort and efficiency of hearing device.

At FHO Audiology we produce both soft and hard ear moulds. It is a time consuming skill as each mould needs to be made individually.

The FHO Audiology Team were at Gospel School for the Deaf in Suva yesterday to take impressions for Ear Moulds. 30 children had their impressions taken yesterday and now FHO will commence making the Ear Moulds.
Gospel School for the Deaf was one of 3 schools we screened earlier this year. The school management and the staff should be commended on the professionalism they displayed in working with our team to have the children screened, tested, and fitted. Kudos to this amazing Gospel team for the dedication and diligence they displayed throughout the process!