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Training and Awareness

4 Oct
The Frank Hilton Organization (FHO) is the Suva Branch of the Fiji Crippled Children’s Society which was set up in 1963. It is the controlling authority for the Hilton Special School, Hilton Early Intervention Centre, Hilton Hostel, Hilton Audiology and Hilton Physiotherapy Departments. The Frank Hilton Organization adopted early detection and Intervention as its core function 5 years ago and have been making much progress in the field.  Through our programmes we support over 300 children with disabilities annually. The Organization is the first of its kind to address disabilities in children through a holistic, multidisciplinary team approach, which caters to every developmental need of a child. Hilton boasts the only Audiology services in Fiji that enables infant screening and diagnostic testing. Both Schools under the Hilton umbrella are the only special schools in Fiji to be supported through in house Physiotherapy departments. Frank Hilton Org is also the only facility to offer speech therapy. 
The Chief Executive Officer of the Frank Hilton Organisation, Mrs. Sureni Perera said that as a pilot hearing screening programme the Organization screened and tested 144 children in 3 special schools in Suva earlier this year.
“When assessing the outcomes of the pilot project it was evident that educators, parents and community lacked the knowledge and understanding on prevention, detection and management of hearing loss. This is an extremely sad state as studies show that approximately 60% of childhood hearing loss is preventable, if identified early. Also in children under 15 years of age, 60% of hearing loss is attributable to preventable causes. 75% of hearing loss due to preventable causes in low- and middle-income countries compared to 49% in high-income countries.
It is also imperative that we understand the correct process of screening, testing and fitting of a hearing aid to derive successful outcomes. FHO Audiology follow the WHO protocols for fitting of aids”
“Once a child is fitted with a hearing aid, it takes considerable care, education and management for teachers, parents and caregivers to support the child in an appropriate manner so that the child derives maximum benefits and a great outcome”
 “The Training and awareness programme held today is one of many which have been planned and will be conducted in the coming year in order to raise awareness on the above. This is a part of the FHO early detection and intervention work plan for 2017-2018. There are approximately 30 representatives from 18 Special and inclusive schools in Fiji who participated in the programme today and we are happy to see teachers from Labasa, Savusavu and Levuka as well. Our next step will be to conduct screening in 6 Special and Inclusive schools in the West which is planned for the 1st week of November. We aim to screen approximately 500 children during a course of a week.” 
“We are fortunate to receive a mention in the Government budget 2017-2018 which has enabled us to carry out these services. We thank the government of the day for the support provided which will benefit countless number of children under our care. We are also indebted to the speakers, Dr. Donna Carkeet, our consultant Audiologist and Terrie walker, our Speech and Language Pathologist who have supported us in our endeavors on a totally voluntary basis.”