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Invest in Smiles

29 Mar

The Frank Hilton Organisation which is the Suva Branch of the Fiji Crippled children’s society has an annual Fundraiser the “Amazing Wheelbarrow Race” which generates funds to run the Hilton Special School, Hilton Early Intervention Centre, Hilton Audiology, Hilton Physiotherapy, Hilton Community Support Program and the Hilton Speech Therapy supporting over 150 children in house daily and over 900 through our outreach services.

You can learn more on the Amazing Wheelbarrow race here-

You can help us support kids receiving our services this year by donating funds thorough our  donation portal-

We’ll make every dollar count in making a difference in the lives of children with disabilities.

Donate now!!!

Sponsor a participating team or be a part of the race

Advocate the race and the Organization

Donate through our portal and #Amazingwheelbarrowrace #FHO to make this event bigger for us