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14 Jul

Today we bid farewell to one of our family... Serevi..teacher, friend, brother, mentor...

Mr. Rokotuibau was educated at Hilton Special school after acquiring deafness when he was young. From Hilton Special School he was fortunate to attend International Secondary School. After completing high school, he came back to Hilton Special School and worked as a computer teacher and teacher aide. In 2002 he attended Lautoka Teachers College and graduated with a Certificate in Special Education. In 2006, Mr. Rokotuibau was granted a scholarship to study in Japan and in 2008 he returned with a Diploma in Psychology & Education for Children with Special Needs. Mr. Rokotuibau has also travelled extensively around the world in his role as former President for Fiji Association of the Deaf, advocating on behalf of the deaf community in Fiji. He completed 11 years of service at Frank Hilton Organization and went on to Lautoka Special School in the beginning of 2015.

He was called to rest on Monday the 11th...

Serevi, Thank you is all we can say... You will be greatly missed.