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Evaluate and Consolidate

9 Apr
  All departmental staff of the Hilton Organization participated in the first Awareness and Professional Development session for Term 2 today.
 The objective of this was to revisit and consolidate policies and procedures within the Organization, to discuss the multidisciplinary team (MDT) approach adopted by the Organization in order to provide education to children with disabilities, and also to form a working group to draft various policies that will be adopted by the organization in the near future.
 The focus was on the importance of team work and to encourage multi sector collaboration.
 The session was conducted by Sureni Perera, the Hilton Organization’s Chief Executive Officer. Mrs. Litea Naliva, Senior Education Officer- Special Education from the Ministry of Education, Fiji, was a special invitee, together with Dr. Donna Carkeet, Audiologist, Ears Inc. Australia.