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Disability Bill

2th of March 2018 will go down in history, and we were so proud to witness the event, when the Disability Bill was passed in parliament.

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Mother's Club

Mother's club crafts educational valuable material for children. 

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Calibration clinic at FHO

We would like to thank Nick kourtis who has volunteered his time and expertise to run a calibration clinic at FHO to ensure that all audiometric equipment is in proper working order, conduct repairs, and make sure all equipment is compliant towards the relevant international and manufacturers standards.

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Manufacturing custom made soft earmoulds for hearing aids

Dr. David Pither is the President of our partner organization Ears Inc. He is in Fiji to provide refresher training to our staff in manufacturing custom made soft earmoulds for hearing aids.

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Celebrations at FHO

Some sneak peaks at our celebrations.

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International Day of Forests

Celebrating the International Day of Forests.

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Audiology Testing and Diagnostics for Ra Special School

7 students from Ra Special School traveled down to FHO Audiology Dept on Brown St. for follow up testing and diagnostics after having been screened during our Western Schools outreach last November. The children were tested and impressions taken for those who will require hearing aids. The school was provided with transportation and refreshments during their day with us.
It is truly rewarding to see the enthusiasm and commitment of the parents and teachers to ensure their children receive the proper support.

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Follow up Testing and Diagnostics

15 students from Sigatoka Special School arrived in Suva for follow up testing and diagnostics today after they were identified during the Western Screening Programme completed last November.

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Invest in Smiles

Run a mile and invest in a smile campaign


Invest in Smiles with the Frank Hilton Organisation.

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